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A custom private server, made by the players and FOR the players! See below for a more in depth breakdown of the servers features! Hosted in the best place to reduce ping for all Oceanic players.

Head on over to the discord for more server information, chat with the community, and get instant updates on server announcements!

+9 Max, 130 Highest level and 1st RB only. Gold is the main currency on the server, CP's are used for VIP and Cosmetics!


Old jump/ old classes/ 1st RB Only and ALL NEW COSMETICS (use your facourite armour as a garment, weapon skins etc)


Quests working as per original CO; Moonbox, Blue mouse, bosses in PK Arena, TC and PVP waiting area!


DeathMatch, TopClass, FB/SS and Hourly PK are all active on this server! Play most events per hour, and then come on the weekend to guild war for great prizes!

JUNE 1ST 2020. Save the date!

This server is to be Released June 1st 2020. We hope to have ironed out any bugs that have been discovered, any suggestions for content will be noted down also!

Please visit our Discord #reportbug section to let us know if you find any bugs and they will be fixed ASAP! Click Community > Discord to get the invite to our Discord!

Customised for addiction!

Here at Oceanic Co, we are doing our best do that not only do you enjoy your time while grinding/hunting/plvling/pking, but that you see profitable results from doing so! With perfected drop rates, we have made it fair to all players. Low-Mid rate means reminiscing of the good old days! Grinding and Plvling!

As of now we have fully working 1920 x 1080 fullscreen mode with high FPS for all your PvPing!