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Black Friday Store Specials!

3 months ago | Postby : GM

:black_heart: BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS! :black_heart: I'd like to announce that we are having specials on all 'Store' purchases from 7AM Friday [27th] until 7AM Following Firday [4th December]. The following rates will be in effect from the restart friday morning; $10, $20 - 1.2x CP rate $50, $80 - 1.5x CP rate $150, $300 - 2x CP rate e.g; donate for $150, usually would get 20k CP's - you will now get 40k. 100% of donations go directly to server production, I would just like to extend my thanks personally to all that support the server. We have big plans for the next month so I look forward to showing you players new things each week!

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