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Damage System is fixed + more (19/11/20)

4 months ago | Postby : GM

Patch-notes 19/11: :star: Re-Wrote DAMAGE SYSTEM - We are quite positive that this will be 100% better from our testing. :star: Fixed HeavensBlessing (Praying stone) not stacking time when using multiple, :star: Fixed Range of Rage, Boreas, WideStrike, Halt & StrandedMonster :star: Removed some plain garments from lotto :star: Added Tier4 in lotto rewards (VIP Garments + 1&2 Soc Super garment soc items) :star: Increased GhostHorn % from bosses in hellquest 20 -> 40% :star: Reduced VIP Cosmetic Items from 900cp's -> 750cp's :star: Added ALL 1H & 2H Plain weapon cosmetics, available near LadyLuck for 200cp's each. :star: Added ALL Colours + Class Armour garments, available near LadyLuck :star: Fixed Stakes in TG :star: A few minor issues have been fixed Please download the patch via Oceanic Conquer.exe to play!

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