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Patch Notes 8/11 & 10/11 - HellQuest & Screen Issue Fixed!

4 months ago | Postby : GM

NO MORE DISAPPEARING CHARACTERS -GiantMetScrolls -GiantDBScrolls (See MillionareLee to convert) -Met Tear packing for VIP players (Right click when you have 5 in bag, to create MetTearPack) -Added 15/30/45Min attack & defence pots to lotto, and removed all basic garments -Changed all compose items in lotto to normal quality (so they can be used) -Added 1SocGarm[REF] + 2SocGarm[REF] to lotto -Removed 1SocGarm[SUP] from lotto -Added HellQuest - see the hell-quest section on discord for more info -Added SuperGemBox to Hell Quest Rewards (Only available from there) -Added PrinceMantle to Hell Quest Rewards (Only Available from there) -Added L60 Unique Bow w/ fixed stig to hell quest rewards (also exclusive) -DEPOSIT ALL FEATURE ON GEMBANK AND RARESBANK -Decreased spawn time for mobs in MC/WZ -Modified HP on guards in TC (and visual bug)

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