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Patch Notes 14/9/20

6 months ago | Postby : GM

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-Added Spawns to Lab4, AC1, AC2, TC, PC
-Balanced item drops per +1 (decreased +1 1H/2H so more armour etc will drop)
-DoubleExp/Luckytime are 100% working.
-NightDevil will now autoloot for VIP Players (available at poltergeists and in DisCity)
-Changed MetDove Respawns from 15mins - to 10Mins + to give 5 meteors garunteed each kill + 1% for dragonball
-Added option for 2k VP's for 4 online points from OnlinePointManager
-Added Warning / Confirmation window when removing Cosmetics (for y'all quick clickers -.-)
-Modified monster hunter quest (see Guides > Monster Hunter in discord for all info)
-Changed PVP Awards (until I implement Event Points)
    DB, Exp + 2kk Gold
-Guild War reward is now 250kk gold and 2 DB scrolls (NO SDGS)
-TCGW reward is 100kk gold and 1 DB scroll
-Added /resetscreen command. IF players aren't appearing, try this command to see if it helps, and let us know.
-Added NPC to the end of Lab4 - was missing, and fixed all Lab NPC's.

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