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Oceanic Conquer Rules

Please read carefully below for all the rules and conditions for playing Oceanic Conquer. By registering an account on our servers, or donating via the donation page, you are agreeing with the following guidelines. Breaking any of the following will result in account and/or IP banning.

Terms and Conditions

    No Begging/ harrassing of any staff member for free items/money.

    No use of Aimbot/speedhack/auto programs are permitted.

    No Racism / Hate speech / swearing, especially in broadcast.

    No Abuse towards Mods/GM/PM will be tolerated. They do not have to support you, but they choose to out of their own time.

    We take no responsibilty for regular or donation items that have been lost due to a character being banned or deleted by breaking the rules

    We will never ask you for your account or password. If you decide to give it to someone else we will in no way be responsible for loss of items or the character.

    We reserve all rights of the server, website and discord, giving us the right to use.

    Oceanic Conquer was made for the purpose of emulating a game experience. We do not intend to breach any form of copyright. If you are a representitive of a company that believes that we may have breached your copyright, please contact us so that we can immediately, and swiftly rectify any problem you may have

Donation Terms

    We do not give refunds on donations made to our server.

    All donations are used to uphold the server. Donating is not a requirement- and you understand that you are not 'purchasing' ANY type of service by donating.

    We are in no way and do not claim that we are affiliated with - Any companies.

    Any type of attempt to charge-back / recieve in-game rewards without donation payment will lead to banning of accused account/IP

    We have made the donation system fair, and also all items tradeable for in-game currency. Any type of selling donation items for real life money is prohibited.

    Any issues with donations please contact us on discord so we can resolve the issue swiftly.

    Donation amounts are in AUD [Australian Dollar] as that is where we are located, we are not responsible for any fee's or charges from your accounts due to conversion/international fees.