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Changelog 29/07/20

4 months ago | Postby : GM

( Click the photo )
Please run Oceanic.exe to get the latest patch )

-Changed Twin City War to now begin 1 hour later.

-Pole HP in Twin city war has been increased.

-Twin City War won't run on Sundays anymore as there's GuildWar will be running.

-Fixed faulty gate meshes in guild war.

-Round cooldown in GuildWar has been removed.

-Wall jump in Guild Map has been fixed.

-Fixed all range/damage for 2hander weaponskills.

-Buffed Hercules damage.

-Revive now regenerates mana as well.

-Advanced area has been fixed.

-Metzone mine has been opened again and proper drops have been added.

-When your VIP is over, you will be booted out of Levelling zone now.

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